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support a teen-led movement for mental health

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Together, we're working toward a day when no teen dies by suicide.

For more than a decade, Our Minds Matter has provided hands-on coaching and resources to teen-led clubs mental health clubs nationwide, with a focus on the Washington, D.C. metro area. Guided by research and driven by the power of peer-to-peer influence, OMM clubs create safe, brave spaces where young people transform culture for better mental wellbeing for all.

Since our founding in 2012, Our Minds Matter clubs have decreased stigma, increased awareness, and delivered life-saving mental health resources to more than 200,000 teens.

Your donation will go directly to powering an innovative, effective solution for the youth mental health crisis. Here are just a few of the things your gift will help make possible:

  • Teen leadership and empowerment. Teens themselves organize and lead Our Minds Matter clubs in their schools, with training and leadership development support.
  • Evidence-based protective factors. In Our Minds Matter clubs, teens lead discussions and activities that help build social connectedness, self-care and healthy habits, a willingness to seek help, and the prosocial skills required to recognize and support a peer through mental health struggles. All four of these are evidence-based "protective factors" proven to reduce suicide risk.

  • Free activities & resources on issues that matter to teens. Our Minds Matter provides a free library of activities, discussion guides, and other resources for clubs to use. These cover issues like body image, social media use, mental health exercises for athletes, dealing with violence & trauma, and being an ally to LGBTQ+ peers.
  • School-wide campaigns to reach exponential numbers of teens. Thousands of teens participate directly in their Our Minds Matter clubs every year. And, they reach tens of thousands more by organizing school-wide initiatives and events like Therapy Dog visits, mindfulness craft activities, movement and music activations, and more.

If you are in a position to give, we promise to put your investment to good use. Thank you for believing in a world where it is possible for all teens to get the mental health support they need.