Help OMM reach 80,000 teens this school year!   image

Help OMM reach 80,000 teens this school year!

Your donation will support a youth-led movement working for the day when no teen dies by suicide

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$80,000 goal

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Help us raise $80,000 to engage 80,000 teens for youth mental health

For more than a decade, Our Minds Matter has provided hands-on coaching and resources to teen-led clubs mental health clubs nationwide, with a focus on the Washington, D.C. metro area. Guided by research and driven by the power of peer-to-peer influence, OMM clubs create safe, brave spaces where young people transform culture for better mental wellbeing for all.

In the 2023-24 school year, we have an ambitious goal: Engage 80,000 teens. We will reach thousands of teens directly through OMM clubs, where they'll foster social connectedness, prosocial skills, a willingness to seek help, and healthy self-care habits. And we will reach tens of thousands more through school- and community-wide events and projects that OMM clubs organize. Created by students, these events decrease stigma, raise awareness of mental health resources, and foster an environment of care and wellbeing for all.

To meet this goal, we need to raise $80,000 by the end of the year. Your support will create tangible benefits for teen-led clubs!

Every donation counts! Where you can contribute $25 or $250, your gift will join a dedicated community of teachers, school staff, district partners, donors, OMM staff members, and — most importantly — teens themselves, all working together toward the day when no teen dies by suicide

Together, we are transforming the culture around mental health.